Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo update

Wow, I really let this thing go over the summer. There just wasn't much to talk about! As much as it seems the opposite, I have been busy with my camera, I have just been sharing the quick tidbits on the twitter feed more than actually writing up posts here.

A quick catch up session:

I made a little time lapse video with some clips from the summer that I was obviously not going to find another use for, mixed in with some older stuff dating back as far as 2007.

I have been trying to work a little more with the portrait/people photography. My very photogenic friend Melanie and I chugged some red bull and frolicked in a field a couple of weeks ago, and that set can be found here.

And then this past weekend I was able to shoot engagement photos for one of my best friends from NIU.

It looks like a stormy couple of days across the country, but I will be sitting much of it out. I do think there is a shot at a tornado somewhere from se Colorado into the TX Panhandle this afternoon, and same goes for Oklahoma and Kansas tomorrow. I will be enjoying the warm weather back in Illinois on Saturday hoping for maybe a stray lightning bolt or two while having a drink with some friends.