Friday, February 26, 2010

More moonlight fun!

Well, the skies finally cleared with a bright moon again, so I headed back out to do some star trails with a moonlit snow covered foreground. I wasn't feeling very creative and didn't know where to start as far as where I wanted my shots to be taken. I just headed towards Shabonna Lake where I could find something other than a bare corn field and set up shop. I managed to get a couple shots that I liked. I wussed out in the cold weather though, so the star trails aren't as long as I was hoping. It's a bone chilling cold out there though.

A car came by when taking the bottom shot and when I went to guard my camera I bumped the stupid tripod, which is why it's slightly off in parts. If skies cooperate I'll likely head out some more this weekend.


Dann Cianca said...

Nice work, man.

Andrew Pritchard said...

Thanks Dann!

Wil Pritchard said...

Huh, so you actually still visit your website regularly. I just figured I'd randomly check it out and what do you know? There's actually stuff on it...And can you explain to me how you managed to keep the stars on the right side of the second photo looking regular? I don't understand how one half got bumped but the other didn't.

Andrew Pritchard said...

Of course I still post on my blog and update my website... I have been! Obviously.

And I'm guessing that is something to do with how my super wide angle lens saw things when it got bumped. The right side is partially off too, just not as bad.