Thursday, February 18, 2010


I feel kind of lame for some reason, but I've created a Twitter account for the website. I've resisted doing so for a long time simply because there is no real additional benefit in having one solely for a social networking purpose when one already has a Facebook account.

That said, I've been persuaded on the benefits from a storm chasing / website updating stand point, so a PrairiestormMedia twitter page has been created. I'm not sure how much use it will get in the next couple weeks, but I suppose I could see myself using it more once the weather action picks up. It will probably get the most frequent use during storm chases, whether it be forecast or location updates. I'll still rely on this blog a lot for my forecasting insights, as I simply just really like writing it all out both for my own benefit and whoever else for whatever reason feels compelled to follow my iffy forecasts! It won't replace the blog at all, but I guess will stand as it's intended purpose - frequent minimal text updates. I still intend to frequently update my blog during chases as well, occasionally uploading photos from my cell phone, so I guess pick your favorite source.

This is really longer than it needed to be. The twitter page can be found here:

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