Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photos from tonight and last

Short on time for words, but wanted to get a couple photos up from the not so eventful outing earlier this evening as well as a couple from last night. Feeling like I've neglected the main site (oh yeah, I have one of those!) and probably going to do some updates around there cosmetically.

As always - my favorite place for relaxation in the DeKalb area. I actually got to witness this guy kicking on the turbine's automatic braking mechanism. When winds reach a certain point, which the surface flow did do today (well, several hundred feet above the ground for these guys) the braking mechanism kicks in which rotates the blades to a certain position so they don't catch the wind and will barely move even in the most howling of winds. I was just relaxing looking up some data when I heard a really loud whooshing noise and looked up. Turned out it was the turbine's blades turning into the wind as they rotated around to the off position. Pretty cool stuff, if you've got a mad crush on the wind farms as I do.

Huskie Stadium on the Northern Illinois campus. Went to the Illinois vs. Northern Illinois game down in Champaign to root against my life long favorite team. Excellent football game, but wish NIU could have finished them off.

Myself and old yella. First real shot with the new black grille after the pheasant took out the yellow grille in South Dakota back in May. I like the black better... more contrast and a meaner look. I guess.


Unknown said...

I am still glad you invested in that 10-20. Sure have had a lot of fun with it!

Andrew Pritchard said...

I have only taken it off my camera once since I bought it, and that was just to take an up close photo of some big hail back in June.

Dick was right - get close, shoot wide.