Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Elburn, IL Tornado Damage from October Super Storm

Well, the event ended up being a bust for me personally severe weather wise, but storms did cause significant damage in Illinois, and surrounding areas. Back in Champaign, a significant microburst removed portions of a roof from a home, and created havoc in the neighborhood. I'm sure estimated wind speeds will come out of that event as near or just above 100 mph. Just 10 mile away from DeKalb, an EF1 tornado damaged a couple farmsteads NW of Elburn, IL in neighboring Kane County. I went out during the evening to survey the damage. Most of the damage was limited to farm houses and other outbuildings, but one home that was directly in the path of an exploding barn suffered some damage from flying debris.

I put up a video with some clips of the damage, but personally think the photos below tell a better story. For video lovers, here you go. I suppose the high winds in the background a pretty neat:

Here's the flickr set of images:


The Borboleta said...

This is my family farm. I am currently living abroad, and this is very, very emotional for me. Your video means a lot to me.

Andrew Pritchard said...

I'm glad you found the video and photos meaningful. I try to compose images with some form of artistic twist to tell a story, rather than simply post images to gawk. I'm really sorry your family had to fall victim to the tornado, and while it may look like a mess now they were certainly very lucky.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, that damage was huge! Also, it made me remember the last tornado that damaged my roof like it was yesterday, due to the house being 10 years old before I even started to reside there, and the wind made my roof shingles flew off one by one. On the next day, I called for the Phoenix, AZ roofing contractors to get my roof fixed as fast as possible. Luckily, the roofers I called are the same roofers (Charlotte, NC) that did my roof in my old place at North Carolina, so I know how awesome their service is.

Chantay said...

I know it happened more than a couple of years ago, but the remnants I’d seen on the video are very affecting. I can see that many houses had been unroofed by that time. And the aftermath of a windstorm is really a lot of work – cleaning, fixing, and even searching for the pieces. I hope you’ll be able to locate your lost property. It must’ve been pretty rough back there. And I wish you are able to cope up now from that kind of predicament.

Chantay Smithingell