Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WX in Motion, Meteorological Spring, and a lazy friend shows his face.

Happy first day of meteorological spring everyone! I did the "Overlooked Photo" series to get myself through the 28 most painful days counting down to the kickoff of meteorological spring, and what I consider the unofficial beginning to the storm chasing season. I don't often find things very fun to chase until mid-April, but mother nature usually throws a couple teasers out before that period that allow me to get my hopes up foolishly for that elusive early season tornado.

As a capper to my 'Countdown to Spring' I've decided to upload a slightly tweaked version of my "WX in Motion" segment that was found on my PWX 2010 DVD this winter. If anyone suddenly becomes interested in purchasing a copy, the information can be found on the main PrairieStormMedia.Com website. I think that ship has sailed for the most part, however as even I have already begun thinking about the 2011 edition.

Also, I'm proud to announce that long time friend, and one of the only people I will share a vehicle with while storm chasing, Colin Davis, has finally released his new website. Without sounding too much like I'm writing a eulogy here, Colin is someone I'd consider a brother in storm chasing. We both came onto the storm chasing "scene" at approximately the same age and time, and have had a mutually beneficial relationship as we grew up and collectively fell back out of love with the storm chasing "scene" over the last decade. We have both stepped back into the shadows, but our friendship only escalated. It's been damn fun sharing chases and stories with this dude, someone who shares my love of simply going out, shooting some neat photos or video, and writing about our collective adventures. Being an anti-social asshole is a lot more fun when you've got someone to keep you company. I knew I'd turn this into a big description of my man crush... so without further gushing I present the web-return of Mr. Davis himself.

The dude can write circles around me so he'll definitely push me to be the best that I can when it comes to sharing my adventurous 2011 with you. Check his stuff out at: http://donkeysanddownbursts.com

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Justin Rudicel said...

Fantastic video and music. Lets hope for another great season. Best of Luck!