Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring is back!

After early season events raked the midwest and long quiet spell will finally be put to rest tomorrow.

I will likely be meeting up with Mark Sefried in the Peoria area tomorrow morning. Our current thinking is that we'll play the warm front early in the day, and then should it look like convection will not initiate along the warm front we'll drop further southwest back into the warm sector.

Should development occur along the warm front, it looks like it has the potential to go tornadic. Further southwest along the cold front tornado potential isn't quite as strong, but there's a better chance for severe thunderstorm development in this area. Linear seems to be the most likely mode, but with such a dynamic system, supercell thunderstorms can't be ruled out. With that threat comes the attendant tornado threat.

Be sure to check back for updates through out the day.

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