Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tornado, I guess.

ILX has released their survey results on their website.



According to the survey, I did have a glimpse of the EF1 tornado that was on the ground for 20 minutes near Rochester.

Their survey puts the tornado on the ground at 3:17 PM CDT. The time stamp on this video capture is 3:20 PM CDT. Shot on the south side of Rochester.

Obviously that is contrast enhanced. Their track also puts the tornado right on my ass heading down Highway 29 out of Rochester. During the peak winds which reached 70-80 mph out of my southeast, I probably should have looked behind me.

Not sure what satisfaction this provides, as time could be off by a few minutes, and I still had a very rain obscured view. What is a tornado count anyway... but I have a hard time adding this one. Guess I should quit complaining. I was a stones throw from an EF1, and at least saw part of it, on the ground at the time or not.

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