Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry (late) Christmas!

Well, central Illinois finally got their snow. I'm a little bummed I missed the ice event in DeKalb on the 23rd (caught the early stages before I bailed out down I-39 to CMI) and the whopper snow accumulations that occurred yesterday in northern Illinois but at least I've got a little white stuff to amuse myself with down here finally. Just finishing the observations for WILL in Urbana where I'll be reporting 3.8" for the last 24 hours and a snow depth of 5 inches.

The Christmas holiday went well over here. Since moving up north, I finally get to experience "coming home for the holidays". I managed to pick up a couple new things for the coming storm season. Notably a spiffy new external microphone for my HV30, and some cash for my most exciting new toy in the Sigma 10-20mm lens for the XT. I trust all four of my trusty readers had a fun filled holiday weekend as well!

Saved a few fun images from the massive Christmas storm that I figured I would throw up here. What a massive storm it was, not only in intensity but sheer size.

Water Vapor Imagery:

Infrared Satellite Imagery:

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