Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Eve thoughts cont'd

For now, it looks like things will be too far west for me to really
care about chasing prospects, but it does look like there is the chance for some winter fun around these parts, that doesn't involve snow.

I'll have family over for an extended family X-mas gathering,
and while I alerted them to the fact that I could not pass up stepping
out briefly for a December intercept, I won't be heading very far. If
we can get some clearing early in the day in west central IL I may be
interested. My eye is on the St. Louis area right now, if any.
Whether or not it's worth the trip for me will be figured out tomorrow afternoon.
Best case scenario for me is to head down 72 and intercept something
near Springfield, but I don't know how likely that is now. I think somewhere
along and near Interstate 70 in southwest / south central IL stands a
chance of a few after dark tornadoes tomorrow night. I expect storms
to initiate near St. Louis, eventually becoming widespread along the cold front
across much of Illinois producing potentially severe weather along and
south of I-80, and potentially tornadic over the area outlined above, in
southwest/south central Illinois.

Not likely a chase day, but certainly something exciting to watch in
late December.

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