Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Much needed update

Well, I'm still here. I want to apologize for this place being so dead lately. I haven't been out on the hunt for storms much at all this year, and haven't really been out doing my usual photo explorations either. I'm hoping to change both of those soon, but in the mean time I wanted to post a few photos that I've been sitting on over the last month or so.

Most recently, I snagged this shot in heading back down to Champaign on Friday evening. That upper level low that was sitting over the area sparked off a few thunderstorms over the state. As the sun began sagging down toward the horizon, numerous rainbows appeared underneath the elevated showers and thunderstorms. I finally decided to get off of the interstate and grab a photo of one such rainbow over a flower filled field.

Even though the weather has largely sucked in northern Illinois this spring, I did manage to sneak away to my favorite DeKalb area location, Lake Shabonna. I won't go into a lot of detail on these either largely because so much time has gone by since I composed the images that the moment has passed. Instead I'll let the photos talk.

I'm in the Champaign area for the summer, and with warmer weather I am hoping to do some more outdoorsy stuff and will hopefully be updating the blog much more frequently. I hadn't planned on being dormant for so long, but crappy weather and some personal issues combined to create a perfect storm of no blog updates. Stay tuned, the tide is turning.

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Unknown said...

Hopefully May will redeem itself for you this coming week.