Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prairiestorm IMAGERY

Prairiestorm Media is dead. Sort of. I had been toying with dropping the 'media' tag for a while, and decided now that my actual main website had been fairly irrelevant for a while now it was a decent time to make the switch. The entire site was down for almost a month and only two people actually said anything about it to me, so I don't think anyone was missing it too much.

Anyway, PrairiestormImagery.Com it is! Everything else is essentially 100% the same. My content has been more atmospheric imagery based than anything media related for a while now, so the name needed tweaked. I made the push to be less associated with media chasers and focus more on creative ways to capture the sky that I love over the last year or two, so the change makes sense.

For what it's worth - I do need to credit my brother in all of this, Colin Davis, on the name change idea. I was struggling with what to actually change it to... Prairiestorm WHAT? Imagery was so obvious that it never even dawned on me. Luckily he's around for some of those common sense moments.

To celebrate the change, here are a couple photos from last week. I went out to time lapse what I figured would be a decent sunset, and wound up stalking a convective snow shower across the county during my favorite hour of twilight after the sun had set.

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