Monday, April 9, 2012

Wind farm pit stop

Never a dull moment with my turbines. I returned to DeKalb County around 10 PM last night after spending the Easter holiday with my family in Champaign. I started noticing around the Mendota area that the undersides of the clouds had some really neat textures. There was some really eerie low hanging stuff over Mendota but I didn't have an exit nearby to stop, otherwise that probably would have been pretty cool. I decided to take the scenic route from that point on and took US 30 across the southern part of the county passing by Shabonna Lake. I decided to stop off at their maintenance facility where the bright lights were illuminating a couple of turbines. The sky wasn't nearly as cool before, but with the bright foreground and the turbines actually being off at the moment giving them minimal blur I decided to take a couple of photos.

I'm eyeballing this coming weekend for potential storm chasing opportunities, as are many others.

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