Friday, July 23, 2010

Lightning and yesterday's video...

Just figured I'd post a quick video from yesterday.

Shortly after Tia and I returned home and I had just sank my teeth into looking over the photos and video from the day my phone rang, which ended up being Gilbert Sebenste wanting to go out and do some local night chasing with a line of storms coming into DeKalb County. The storms ended up petering out as they entered the area, but I still managed a decent shot or two as the line moved in thanks to the city lights from Rockford and a very bright moon.

The bright moon played a nice factor today as well. Was way too busy for chasing, and was in Champaign for the day so I've missed the fun stuff up north, but shortly after sunset an isolated storm erupted just east of town in a crystal clear sky with again, Mr. Bright Moon. Quite the scene, and a nice surprise on a non-chase day!
Storm being illuminated by the bright moon to the south of the storm. Amazing how bright everything was even after midnight.

Gilbert Sebenste, hanging out admiring the shelf cloud approaching to the west. Amazing that with the aid of the bright moon and city lights, even at 1:00 AM we could see the shelf cloud and updraft in great detail!

Tonight's lightning illuminated storm to the east:


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Andrew Pritchard said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the news about... me posting a video to youtube? Oh, and the news on uh... the photos that I uploaded as well? Thanks? Yeah. Thanks.

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