Friday, May 18, 2012

Tuesday High Based Convection

Late on updates again, but got a great show from the sky on the 15th. With temperatures in the middle 80s and dew points all the way down in the middle 40s (I think DeKalb was even 85/38 at one point around 2 PM) I didn't expect much. With a so much dry air present in the lower part of the sounding I figured some dry downbursts would be possible, but I didn't expect much convection to be present. Went out with Heather Brinkmann and was treated to an amazing show as high based convection reflected the light from the setting sun creating a sky filled with vivid colors. It wasn't long before one of the brightest double rainbows I have seen popped up in the middle of the scene. We drove around the south of DeKalb and photographed another cluster of storms that erupted just after sunset. Looking at a chance for more disorganized thunderstorms this evening, likely blocking out what would be a partial solar eclipse. Flickr set from earlier Tuesday.

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