Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lightning insanity

I sat around most of yesterday hoping for thunderstorms to pop during the afternoon. I kept watching storms further to the west near the Mississippi River, but nothing was going on down here. Eventually the sun set, and I figured I was hosed for another day. I saw an outflow boundary surging toward Champaign from the earlier storms up north and to the west. I had the night free hoping that I'd be shooting thunderstorms, so I just decided to grab the camera and head out and shoot some more boring night sky time lapses. I wondered if perhaps the outflow boundary would be something kind of neat to watch on a time lapse as it scooted over Champaign, but figured I was just getting out of town to relax for a bit.

The second that I started shooting the time lapse, this happened.

1 comment:

Lee Peterson said...

Great shots!! Nature's awesome light show.