Monday, February 9, 2009

Annoying Teaser

It's funny how one 60F degree day can totally flip my mindset into thinking it's mid-April. Once that cold front passes through the state of Illinois on Wednesday afternoon we'll quickly be snapped back to reality. Nonetheless it's nice to get out in the warm air and get working on the vehicle. I don't have a long list of preparations for the chasing season vehicle wise, as I normally don't keep most of my equipment in the car permanently mounted at all times. However, after a long winter a thorough cleaning job was needed.

The exterior was cleaned today, and I'll likely spend the day under the sunny skies and 60-70 degree temperatures cleaning out the interior and doing what little mounting I need to get done before the first chase.

On the issue of that "First Chase", Wednesday is not currently looking so hot. The models are flopping around, but at this time have picked up a much faster trend that does not bode well for tornadoes, or storm interception. A squall line will likely develop in Missouri and Arkansas Tuesday night and race into the Mississippi Valley overnight and will likely provide us our best chance for convective excitement before the cold front passes through on Wednesday. Any afternoon SVR chances will likely be contained to areas far to the east in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

This might not have been the big "First Event" that everyone was hoping, but it's clear that spring is indeed just around the corner.


Beanagusthepig said...

Hey My names Britt ... i'm driving out to chase in april (if not much sooner) .. but im looking for people to chase with.. Do you know of any good spots to meet up with people? or any good websites to post on? my aim screen name is Beanagusthepig and my email is .. any help would be AWESOME !!!!

Adam L said...

Yea Im probably scratching my plans for Wednesday too. IF anything Ill make a last minute dash of desperation should anything develop far enough north.

Andrew Pritchard said...

You might check out the Stormtrack forum at A lot of people from the midwest and the plains post their forecasts and chasing plans on there. It may take a while to become a member as they approve all requests, however you can lurk at the least and see what others are thinking.