Thursday, March 11, 2010

Low topped storm at sunset

The day obviously didn't play out as many had hoped in the region, but I kept my eye on the boundary along I-57 in eastern Illinois, especially as convergence increased along it toward sunset (but unfortunately as many other ingredients trailed off). Eventually we were finally to get initiation in the area, so I went out to take a peak at a cell that was forming to the west of Champaign. It actually turned out to be a photogenic little cell and tripping a couple severe level hail indicators on radar. It was accompanied by staccato lightning strikes until I left it after sun down.

Not a tornado day like we'd hoped, but after a long winter this was a nice treat.


Ben Holcomb said...

Glad you guys got something decent at least. I didn't want to gamble on such a long drive for today. At least today we finally got rid of our last snow traces up here in Michigan, so I can consider that a win.

Dann Cianca said...

Beautiful shots, man. You have a knack for getting great results in tricky light situations.