Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 10th Recap

Just a very brief account on yesterday as I'm still very tired, and now focused on tornado potential for tomorrow in western Illinois.

Successfully documented two tornadoes yesterday near Wakita, Oklahoma (yes, the Twister town). The second, larger tornado proved to be the first time I have ever been "nervous" while chasing a tornado. The thing spun up incredibly fast and almost directly on top of us. Not really sure how much I like the idea of a potentially significant tornado ground scrubbing my highway rapidly in my direction.

Anyway, tried to intercept supercells further to the south but were screwed with terrain and road issues. Only way to catch the Pawhuksa, OK supercell was to stop and let it pass over I-35 (which proved smart once we entered the area it had hit and saw the ground covered with baseball sized hail). We were unable to get back ahead of it however. Played with a couple other tornado warned storms but they were all dealing with too much convection and worked over air at that point and did not produce.

A couple photos, and video:

As for tomorrow, I'm still feeling lazy but I like the odds of a regional tornado event in northeast Missouri into western/southwestern Illinois. Likely somewhere between Kirksville, MO to St. Louis, IL to Springfield, IL. I will likely target somewhere around Quincy. I like the odds of not having to cross into Missouri but want to give myself the time and option if it is needed. Honestly, I doubt I even make it as far as Quincy, however. Jacksonville, IL seems like a decent starting point. If only I could get so lucky. Anyway, it will become more clear tomorrow morning when it is evident where the warm front and boundaries are located. I've got two targets in mind, the first of which being the Jacksonville IL target. However, there are some indications that I will in fact have to cross into Missouri. I apologize for these sporadic thoughts, if anyone is even reading at this point. I'm literally making my chase forecast as I write this out as I rolled into town this morning at 9 am, and just woke up from a 8 hour nap about an hour ago. This is the first I've given tomorrow a good look since Sunday evening.

I'll update tomorrow morning, but somewhere between that Kirksville, MO - St. Louis, MO - Springfield, IL triangle will see a few tornado reports tomorrow afternoon and evening.


Dann Cianca said...

Nice work, man. Congrats. I think the most disturbing part of the video is how you can hear people of varying distance from your location cheering the touchdown of the tornado. How many were out there??

Andrew Pritchard said...

A lot.