Saturday, May 8, 2010

Monday update

Not really an update I guess since this is the first I've mentioned it, but I will be joining the other chasers for the epic tornado event in southern Kansas and Oklahoma on Monday the 10th. Not really feeling very chatty right now, so I won't hash over the details right now. However, I'll throw out a three city triangle right now for the sake of verification later. I'm certainly not alone in my forecast target at this point. Liking a triangle of Wichita KS to Pratt KS to Enid OK. Colin Davis and myself will be making the trip together and are planning to leave his place in Canton late tomorrow night, likely around 10 PM. We hope to get into the Wichita early in the morning to do breakfast and check things out. I don't think we'll be far away from where we'd need to be anyway at this point. There are minor differences yet between the NAM and GFS as far as placement of the dryline. I'm going with somewhat of a compromise, with the GFS placement of the dryline, and the NAM placement of the warm front, which would lead to that triangle I listed above being a hot spot for potential tornadoes in the evening.

I'll try to update as things get closer and such. Just figured an update was needed as I've had these plans for some time, but had yet to update the blog.

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