Sunday, January 29, 2012

A few South Dakota oldies

Due to the lack of anything photogenic around here lately I've been forced to dig into the archives for something new to toy around with. Last night I pulled out a few photos that I never actually posted from the May 22 2010 Bowdle South Dakota event. Even though this date produced a ton of quality storm imagery for me, it still haunts me as I missed the 30 minutes or so when the storm produced the massive Bowdle EF4 tornado. Either way, here are a few images from before and after that tornado.

There will also be a few somewhat big changes coming to the site in a week or so. Nothing drastic I suppose, but it's something anyway.

This is right as the initial EF2 tornado wound down, and the storm went haywire and the massive EF4 tornado began to spin up. A small funnel cloud is visible amongst the ragged violently rotating storm base.

There may be more than one tornado on-going at the moment that this photo was taken, hidden behind the rain. At this point I had missed an incredible tornado, and also done damage to my vehicle by hitting a pheasant at 65 mph, so I was in damage control mode and taking the path of least resistance by hanging back and shooting structure photos of the storm.
On the way back to the motel that I had reserved in Sioux City, SD I kept looking up at these mammatus near Aberdeen, SD, in a sour mood not wanting to make any more stops before eventually convincing myself that I would regret not popping off at least a couple of photos.

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