Thursday, January 12, 2012

Full moon

Went out and took advantage of the full moon and a fairly mild night before the snow arrived earlier this week.

We're getting dumped on pretty good right now for our first legitimate snow event of the winter. I called for about five inches yesterday, and right now I'd put us at about three. It's nice that the first event waited this long, for a summer lover like myself. Generally I am okay with the first snow or two, but after about a month of driving and walking around in the stuff I generally get tired of the snow being around. Given that our first decent snowfall is generally around the beginning of December, give it about a month and by early to mid January I'm generally sick of the snow. That doesn't usually work well for me given that in early January there's still at the very minimum another month of awful weather, likely two. So, we're in mid January now when I would typically already be sick of winter, however we just enjoyed a week of 50 degree weather and I'm actually sort of enjoying this first snowfall of the winter. So anyway, it all just makes the last part of winter a little easier to take.

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