Monday, January 2, 2012

Social networking revisited

I've decided to start the twitter up again as a source of frequent updates during the warm season and an outlet for non-sense and the occasional astro-photography during the winter. I get a lot of requests on my person Facebook page, but deny the majority as I decided a long time ago to keep that page limited to only those I have a relationship with in the real world. I lost interest in the idea of networking when I became an anti-social jerk years ago. So, whether you're a storm chaser groupie, or just another chaser interested in networking, I can't imagine that you'd really care to see all the photos of my dinners and hear about all the Red Bull I've consumed as I make myself a candidate for a future test subject on the long-term effects of high taurine consumption. Anything weather related worth a damn would just be posted here for your blogging pleasure. That said, if you really need all the nonsense, you're welcome to follow my Twitter account now. Of all my four loyal readers, if you're not already following go ahead and do so. I'll try to make things interesting as we slowly grind toward warmer days.!/PStormMedia

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