Friday, July 10, 2009

Car / Chase

Looking at a car today. Appears that if I do commit and buy it may go out on it's maiden voyage for a chase only hours after driving off the lot. I don't want to jinx anything weather or car wise, but I'll be bringing all my chase gear along to check it out. The car in question is indeed the yellow 6. It's a 2003 Mazda6s Sport, with high mileage, but a price that fits. Incredibly I actually managed to track down the original owner of the car (it's at a dealer now) and now know exactly what parts were wearing to ensure that the dealer had them fixed before buying. The car is in the Chicagoland area, actually in a suburb where I've got some family. For that reason, it'd be a treat to get a northern Illinois chase or something. Not really counting on a chase today though, it would just be a nice treat since I'd be done more than early enough and would be in the mood to test the car out.

I'm not bothering to do an indepth forecast with all the mesoscale features out there screwing things up right now with countless storm clusters in Iowa and Missouri, but glancing at the RUC northwest Illinois didn't look awful. Refuse to enter Iowa right now, and Missouri is too far.

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jg said...

congrats man! you def. deserve a decent chase. I think everyone is pitying your chase/results so far this spring/summer.