Monday, July 6, 2009

Wisconsin Fog Fun

Was able to take a nice vacation from the auto / chasing drama and relax at the family lake spot in Wisconsin. Weather the first couple days was pretty bleak with grey skies and spotty showers, but the night of the 4th after fireworks things changed. The sky cleared, the full moon appeared, and layers of incredible fog took to the valleys.

Back to the auto drama world... I'm due to return the little Toyota yaris rental tomorrow evening, so hopefully the insurance checks will be arriving in the mail so I can aquire a new car this week. Looks like chasing fun in the Dakota's mid-week, but for obvious reasons I'll be passing on that one.

Couple shots from late on the 4th.

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jg said...

yeah the nights up here have been crazy lately.. dropping down into the low 50s! we've been getting fog like you wouldn't believe. its kinda strange but also wisconsin for ya!