Sunday, July 26, 2009

Update on nothing...

Obviously the weather has been very quiet lately, aside from a hail event yesterday. The Mazda6 has been an amazing find. I was extremely mad about the R/T being wrecked after loving that car so much, but I can honestly say that any hard feelings over that loss have been replaced with this new find. I can't wait to get it out on the road in chase fashion. I've been planning on joining the incognito club out there, so you won't be able to use antennas or weather gadgets to locate me in the field. The only antenna I plan on keeping around is my ham antenna, which will likely remain in my trunk unless I know someone is around.

The move to DeKalb is coming along. I found an awesome house near the NIU campus that I'll slowly be moving in through the month of August. I'll be living with 5 other awesome people. At least up there I'll have very quick access to the state of Iowa! alfjdskflja;lgjlkgjerl;j

Worth mentioning that for the next week, July 27th through August 2nd my band, The Diamond Stretch will be on tour! We'll be starting in St. Louis on Monday and then hitting Joplin Missouri, Tulsa Oklahoma, Ames Iowa, Coleman Michigan, and Lexington Kentucky. It will be a ton of fun, with some loud music at some sweet venues, and long car rides with smelly men and lots of gear (the music kind, this time!).

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