Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another slow fall evening

I wonder, could this weather pattern get any more dull? Three weeks ago I was complaining about the steady rainfall that we saw the final week of August and how the only thing I wanted was to see the sun again. Well, I don't think the sun has stopped shining since that day. I guess I'm not complaining. The weather -has- been beautiful after all. In January I'd probably smack myself for whining about a weather pattern that brought nothing but clear skies, highs in the upper 70s and lows in the mid 50s. A little something to look at would be nice, though.

Sitting here watching another Cubs game (no, I have not given up hope yet.) and doing a little updating on the main site. There's not a lot to update, but there's always something that's behind. I finally switched the "Vehicle" page over to the new Mazda. The car is turning out to be a real find, as of now. I loved the Stratus R/T, but things probably could not have worked out better from where they stood in late June of this year. I guess after the shit storm that this chasing season turned out to be, finding a new car to fall in love with and starting classes back up was just what the doctor ordered.

It's getting to the point where I start thinking DVD. I was thinking about just not doing one this year. But, I would probably just start making one anyway because I love putting them together too much. I didn't see any highly visible tornadoes this year, but I did have enough cool storm intercepts to make a few interesting segments and perhaps time lapses. That coupled with a good 2008 should make enough for me to allow myself to put out another in the PWX 20XX series. I don't see any reason to look forward to an active fall right now, but I will hold off on making the DVD just in case until my usual November release time frame.

Wisconsin was nice last weekend. The weather was beautiful, which made up for a chilly lake. The water temperature was still in the low 70s, so I spent plenty of time in there. Scott Weberpal and his girlfriend Kelly came up for the day on Saturday to check the place out. We spent the evening at a local bar / grill that sits on a neighboring lake and watched the Wisconsin vs. NIU football game before coming back to enjoy a nice fire.


Unknown said...

If you do put together a DVD, let me know and I'll trade with you. Kind of in the same boat with the lack of awesome torns this year but did get a couple. Lots of pretty structure though.

Andrew Pritchard said...

I'm almost positive I will be putting one together in the end, probably start working on it in a month or something. Another trade would be awesome.