Friday, September 11, 2009

The house.

Well, I've been living here in DeKalb for several weeks now, but never really felt compelled to post anything about the house I'm in. I'm pretty bored at the moment on a Friday afternoon, waiting on Tia to head up here so I went around and took a few photos.

Here's the outside of our place...

And then a couple shots of my room. It's somewhat bare right now, but is fully functioning!

The Cubs are always on...

Where I'll be emptying my bladder in about 5 minutes:

The livingroom:


Couple shots of the kitchen:

Our little backyard patio / eating area. Okay, so the yard is not a patio... but we do have one behind where I'm standing, and we'd moved the patio under the tree to eat dinner the other night.

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