Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Links Section

I finally got around the the five minute process of adding a link section on the blog. I'm going to keep the links section on here to blog content only for now. If you've got a weather blog, and I halfway know who you are and want to swap links let me know. I've already added a few people who I have corresponded with in some way or another and could think of their blogs off the top of my head.

The gnat problem is expanding exponentially here in DeKalb as well now. What is going on??


Dann Cianca said...

Thanks for the link! There are a few gnats floating around our office ... but that's the only place I've seen them here.

DM said...

Holy shit you are updating again!!! Welcome back!

Andrew Pritchard said...

You mean the one month break I took in August... or the three year break I took from the blog I created in 2005?