Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ISS / Discovery Flyover

I was made aware about an hour ahead of time that the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle Discovery would be flying overhead and visible in tandem over the Central U.S. around 8:15 PM CDT this evening. I ventured out to the Northern Illinois Univ. campus around 7:45 and putz'd around photographing some of the buildings on my end of campus before the two came into view.

First, of course, the main attraction. ISS and Discovery in tandem, flying over the Davis Hall observatory here on the NIU campus.

I figure I'll share a couple of the scenes here on campus while I'm at it. They're nothing special, but killed the half hour before the main event above appeared.

Altgeld Hall. Mr. Altgeld himself, back in the day, decided he wanted one building to unify all Illinois state schools, and wanted them all to have a castle. So, Northern Illinois University, University of Illinois, Western Illinois, Southern Illinois and Illinois State Univ. all have one... sorry Eastern. For whatever reason EIU decided to skip out.

Sven Pearson Hall, The Law Building with the Holmes Student Center in the background.

And then a couple from Davis Hall, where the Meteorology Dept. houses itself. I have not yet made it to the observatory on top, but will soon.

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