Monday, April 5, 2010

Lightning Tonight

I didn't "chase" today, but intercepted the severe warned cell near Bloomington, IL around 9 PM. I ended up sticking to Easter commitments, but needed to return to northern Illinois tonight so I plotted my departure to coincide with the line reaching the Interstate 39 corridor. I ended up intercepting the formerly tornado warned cell from the Peoria area that I believe a few people were on. The cell was severe warned at my intercepting time, but I only reported pea sized hail and 35 mph winds. I managed a few decent lightning shots as the storm entered Leroy, Illinois.

As for tomorrow, southern Iowa or bust. Or maybe northern Missouri I guess. I don't know what to think. In some aspects it looks amazing. In others, I don't know if a storm is going to form or not. Can I take that risk though with such a primed environment. Add to that I can not leave DeKalb until 11 am. My current ball park target it Lamoni, Iowa. Leaving at 11 puts me in Lamoni at about 4:30-5. I suppose that is doable, but is also a scary time for an ETA to a target area. I guess I just like being really early. It would just be fantastic if the warm front would fire further east into southeast Iowa, but could I be so lucky? Luck is not something that exists once I cross that border into that dreadful state.

Not going to write a forecast out for tonight as I am pressed for time and need to get to bed. I will try and update in the morning, but for now think Lamoni, Iowa.

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