Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sitting in eastern Iowa...

Currently sitting east of Tama, Iowa just off of Highway 30 in east central Iowa awaiting initiation. Looks like a good chance for tornadoes today if you can get a storm to latch on to the warm front for any amount of time. Areas south along the dryline in southern Iowa and into Missouri do not interest me at all. Those back at home in northern Illinois might even keep an eye on the warm front over there. I know how these things like to pull funny business on that side of the Mississippi. I would not be surprised to see a good storm or two near Interstate 80 in northern Illinois.

My game should initiate around Des Moines right now. The game today is to never let the warm front get out of my sight. Too often I tell myself I will do that, but an appetizing storm on radar to the south will lure me down away from the front and never produce beyond being a pretty storm on radar, while the ugly storm on radar goes nuts on the warm front. It's all about knowing your environment on a day like today; not picking the strongest storm off the radar screen.

Looks like anywhere along the Highway 30 corridor today, but I think the area around Tama/Toledo to Cedar Rapids warrants special attention. It is Iowa, so I know that in 12 hours I will be writing about what ingredient was missing, or what I did wrong but as far as Iowa goes I'm liking my odds at ending the curse, and ending my drought.

I see Scott Weberpal approaching in the distance, so I'll wrap this up.

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