Friday, May 29, 2009

Isolated Severe / Photo Op

Looking for a couple thunderstorms to pop in central Illinois this evening. Not looking at widespread severe weather, and certainly not a tornado event (disclaimer: stranger things have happened.)

Dry air will prevent too much in the way of severe weather, but could actually lend itself to some photogenic opportunities on any storms that do develop. I'm not chasing this one, but will watch for any local development and a potential jog through the country to shoot some convection. I'd look for a couple storms between Decatur and Danville around 6 PM. Nothing too impressive but a couple severe thunderstorm warnings primarily for hail seem possible.

Looking further out it seems increasingly likely that we'll see another round of thunderstorms with isolated severe reports primarily of the damaging wind variety early tomorrow morning. These should push into the NW portion of Illinois before sunrise, and affect central IL in the late morning hours.

Sunday, any severe threat will probably be west of this area in Iowa and Minnesota, with very isolated storms possible further south into Missouri. I'd look for Monday for our next good severe weather event. Details are unclear at this point as to severe coverage and storm mode, but Iowa, northern Illinois and southern Minnesota and Wisconsin look to be the main targets for this one.


theycallmejg15 said...

tornado threat? or servere in wisconsin?

Andrew Pritchard said...

No tornado threat in Wisconsin until potentially late Sunday and into Monday. Not a huge tornado threat there either, but some severe storms possible, especially in the southern part of the state.