Saturday, May 30, 2009

Minisupercell at Sunset!

As I had hoped, what storms formed yesterday were very photogenic! Stuck to my plan and only chased what came locally and wound up with a pretty minisupercell just 15 miles from home in southern Champaign County near sunset. The storm tracked southeastward, developing a wall cloud near Tolono, and then becoming a pretty striated storm further south in no man's land.

Not holding my breathe for any chasing today, though I'll be keeping an eye in south central Illinois this evening. Looking at the models I'm fairly convinced any supercells that form should be over far southeast Illinois, southern Indiana and Kentucky. However, looking at real-time data, I would not rule out a decent storm or two in central or south central Illinois. Probably along a Bloomington to St. Louis line early, and then moving SE into southeastern Illinois. I'll keep an eye on it though, and should it appear we'll get development far enough north and west I may poke around. A couple friends of mine asked if I'd be around to film their new band's first show this evening so unless it appears things may go tornadic I'll probably choose to sit this one out. Monday and now even Tuesday continue to look more interesting, and over chaseable areas of the midwest. Today looks like a good day to watch from the laptop, with the Cub's on t.v. starting at 3:30!

Here are a couple photos of the minisupercell from yesterday evening...

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Tim said...

Great video! Very relaxing to watch.
Weather videos don't always have to be of tornado's to be worth watching.