Monday, May 18, 2009

Video from the last two chases

Got a couple lame video clips up from the last two chases.

The first is from the May 13 2009 chase in northern Missouri. Hung back too long and missed the big tornadoes, however one almost had to get hit by the tornado to see anything so I'm not killing myself over missing the action Wednesday. Did get a good wall cloud with condensation fingers at least.

Second here is from the Interstate 72 corridor HP supercell from near Springfield to Champaign, as it became a bow echo. Never came super close to producing a tornado as it remained rooted on the cold side of the boundary, but we did get a couple good areas of rotation, and some gusty erratic winds as the mesocyclone passed overhead.

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Unknown said...

Nice job man, I blew it this day, greatly appreciate being able to see from your perspective.