Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eastern Iowa Tomorrow

Waterloo, IA area looks fantastic tomorrow. Early storms will likely congeal into an MCS overnight and spread into Illinois early in the day. Most of Iowa should be in the clear allowing for rapid destabilization along the warm front and outflow boundary from early storms. Extreme instability atop very good turning with height along the boundary will have NE and E Iowa primed for tornadic supercells tomorrow evening. I'll be heading to Waterloo, IA early tomorrow watching the corridor from Waterloo to Iowa City for a couple big time supercells. That low level jet really kicks in during the evening, under a nice 55-60 knot H5 streak. That coupled with mid-June instability should be potent. Supercells will likely trend towards a powerful bow echo that will follow the instability gradient into northern Illinois overnight. Supercells may be possible further southwest along the warm front, but it looks like most of Illinois will remain capped and plagued by subsidence from the early storms.

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