Thursday, June 25, 2009

Are we there yet?

Well, nothing really new to add to the accident situation this week. Been since Monday since I updated, when I was told a check was on it's way for my replacement laptop. Unfortunately still no check in the mail. I guess it hasn't been -that- long, but I figured it would be here by the 4th mailing day. I've got it all picked out, but am waiting til the check actually arrives before submitting. Hopefully tomorrow so I can at least get my order into processing before the weekend arrives.

No progress on the car until a few hours ago. I was finally contacted by an auto adjuster who informed me that the car was indeed a total loss (saw that coming about 7 days ago), and that someone would be in touch within the next 24-48 hours with an offer. Seems that's how it's been all week. Get a tid bit of information and then am told that I'll get to know a little bit more in 24-48 hours. I'm really just absolutely sick of dealing with it. This is such an inconvenience. I guess I should shut up and stop complaining, because things could always be worse. I'm just a big whiner. I could have been seriously injured, or even worse Jarrod or Colin could have been injured, but since that was not the case I'll just focus on what DID go wrong. Have a couple cars picked out, and really hoping that I don't get screwed out of enough money to afford them.

Looks like severe chances may increase this weekend, but doubtful at the moment that I'll participate. Suppose I could take that goofy Toyota Yaris out into the vortex. Supposed to attend a family reunion in the Chicago area that evening, and that's where I'll likely end up. Personally, pretty burned out on the chasing scene right now. Haven't had a very active year, but every time I go out seems to end in a painful bust with huge financial repercussions.

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jg said...

tell ya what.. those new chevy impalas are sweeet! plus right now you can get some killer deals from GM or any manufacturer for that matter.