Thursday, June 4, 2009

My claim of the year.

I'm saying it right now, regardless of what the models show.

Monday, June 8 will be the tornado outbreak of 2009.

The models don't show a favorable scenario right now, 96 hours out, but I'm willing to bet based on trends that I have seen this year that as time plays out this will continue to trend towards being the biggest day of this potential three day weekend that we're seeing.

I'm not thrilled with Saturday, and Sunday continues to look less favorable. I think these have the potential to be tornado producers but I'm going for my Nostradamus '09 award and saying right now that my gut says wait for Monday. I'd watch the mid-Mississippi River Valley near in Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri for a potential tornado outbreak. The models don't show this at this point, but based on trends that I've seen and my gut I'd say watch for it.

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Unknown said...

With your track record thus far, I feel like I should be asking you for lottery picks.