Monday, June 15, 2009

Severe weather tomorrow.

Stage could be set for a significant severe weather event tomorrow across eastern Missouri and central / southern Illinois tomorrow. Likely more of a damaging wind threat than a tornado threat, though a tornado threat could exist further west later in the day. A strong bow echo will likely be in progress early in the morning, which will continue across the southern part of the state, likely along and south of Interstate 72 tomorrow. Significant wind damage may occur with this system.

Further west, should the bow echo leave the area early enough in the afternoon I could see a supercell and tornado threat developing near the St. Louis area in SW Illinois and eastern Missouri along the warm front and outflow boundary left by the first round. I may play the early bow echo for some wind fun, but afterward I'll have my eyes peeled to SW Illinois close to St. Louis. There's a good chance that subsidence and a cap will likely kill this chance, but should things begin to erode I'd look for a couple big supercells in that area.

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