Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Insurance dealings, thus far...

So far so good, I suppose. I'm still pissed off to have to be dealing with this right now, but the woman's insurance (Nationwide / Allied Insurance) has been taking decent care of me to this point. Unfortunately their offices were closed all weekend so nothing took place until yesterday, but it's been a decent 24 hours. I have all but my car taken care of. Yesterday they issued me a rental care, a goofy looking blue 2008 Toyota Yaris. You'd probably never catch me owning one, but it will get me around town until my car is figured out. Today I was contacted by an adjuster who is issuing me a check to replace my laptop, and laptop desk that were damaged in the accident, plus an extra $350 for my trouble. Hopefully the two checks arrive tomorrow so I can get the new laptop on it's way. I'm sure Tia would love hers back.

The car is still up in the air. I believe it is being looked at today, but we'll see. Thus far they've taken care of me, so I'm hopeful I don't get screwed too bad in the total loss scenario.

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