Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Afternoon pulsing convection

Early evening thunderstorms began erupting in western Illinois, and with a free evening I hoped something might spring up over here. Kept half an eye on satellite and radar thru the evening, and eventually did see some returns showing up in Champaign County. Tia and I ventured out south of town to do a little time lapsing. Was able to time lapse some downbursts, but nothing overly interesting. I did come away with a couple decent photos I suppose, wish would be the purpose of writing this.

Hoping for the main show later this week, which would be the peak of the Perseids meteor shower. I'm stuck in Champaign-Urbana until Friday, but hope to get north asap after that to catch the back half of the show. Plan is to head back north around Friday, and then eventually back up to the lake in Wisconsin over the weekend. The last few Perseid displays have been a huge downer, so with talk of an active show I'm hoping for better in 2010!

Storm over southern Champaign County early in the evening. I'm sure they had some flooding in the Philo - Tolono region as this thing just sat there dumping rain and spitting out lightning bolts.

Same storm cluster now very grungy and weakening. Black and white with a lightning bolt shot from a parking garage in Urbana.

My Tia, observing with outflow blasting us in the face in the parking garage. Hoped for more in the way of lightning, but a decent way to end the day.


Glendaajackson said...

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Dann Cianca said...

I agree with what Glendaa said. Also, I think it's cool that your girl goes out with you so much. Cheers!

Andrew Pritchard said...

Thanks a lot Glendaa and Dann!

She's great company... and most notably keeps me from blowing a gasket when things go south. So many times I'm like, man if you weren't here I would have put my fist thru the roof of my car by now!