Thursday, August 12, 2010

Perseids; Day 1

Had trouble sleeping last night, so around 4 am I decided I still had another hour before dawn so I'd just kill some time and try and find a meteor or two. Skies were mostly clear overhead in Urbana, so I headed down Hwy 150 and stopped in the tiny "town" of Mayview, which is merely a row of homes along the highway between Urbana and St. Joseph. Upon stepping out of my car I was quite disappointed to see mostly cloudy skies all of a sudden! Discouraged, I still set the camera up and decided I was already out so I may as well try for something. I had a small window in the clouds to my northwest, so I settled for that. I only managed one meteor, and it was nothing to write home about. I poked around in the fog layers for a little before the sun rose, and eventually made my way back to town.

Hoping for more later this week. My band will be performing in town tonight, so I'll be occupied until around midnight. After that, perhaps I'll head out. Either way I plan on heading up to Wisconsin Friday. Looks like a stormy day and night on hand Friday up north, so while perhaps one could play with lightning it will not be ideal for meteor viewing. How about we'll just see what happens. I'll update as I'm able. Wireless coverage is sparse up near the lake, just how I like it; but this also means I won't be updating until I return to the Land of Lincoln more than likely.

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