Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PWX 2010; A Few Good Storms DVD

It's ready! I was going to sit on it for a while, but what's the point really. I'm not seeing anything exciting coming up for the fall, and anything that does arise can just wait for 2011! My free time for any weather observing the remainder of the fall is quickly vanishing as it is so... just take it off my hands!

Definitely a more "artsy fartsy" DVD than previous productions with a ton of time lapse action.

Features the May 10 2010 Wakita, OK EF3, May 22 2010 Bowdle SD everything but the wedge, but plenty of pheasant in my grille chase, June 7 2008 Chicago area wedgefest with four separate massive tornadoes from one supercell, May 22 2008 high risk chase with four tornadoes filmed from close range and very rare video of the Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin tornadoes on July 22 2010. Plenty more tornado video, plus more for those seeking plenty of mother nature's eye candy including 100 mph tree uprooting RFD winds and a big ol' time lapse segment.

Asking $15 now, but will raise it to $20 mid-September. Shipping included.

I'll ship the first round out this weekend.

Ordering information, a complete list of included dates and some pretty pictures:


I should add that I really prefer trading videos with other storm chasers. If anyone has a DVD from this year or years past just get at me somehow and we'll make a trade!

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