Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trains under the full moon

Gilbert Sebenste and I headed out again last night to the Rochelle Rail Park for some night train observing. The full moon was nagging me to get out and shoot some photos as it was. Not a lot of explanation needed with these guys, so I'll shut up. We did manage to track down a much talked about bridge just beyond the Global 3 train depot, which was hopping even at 11 PM. The train depot... not the bridge. Anyway. Looking forward to some beautiful weather this coming week, albeit storm free. With classes beginning and a DVD to finish, I'll open the windows and you won't hear a peep out of me!

"The Diamonds". The junction of the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern.

This probably could have been composed better lighting wise, but it was tough balancing the two extremes of the dark night sky and the oh so bright sodium lights.

Again, I feel like I need a second attempt at this guy. Pretty awesome sign for an old abandoned restaurant along Hwy 38 west of Rochelle. I'll probably try this guy again at day time.

The bridge overlooking the Union Pacific as it enters the Global 3 facility.

One last train as we leave Rochelle and head home. Gilbert decided to get up and watch this one so I decided to sneak a candid shot as he did so.


Unknown said...

Sick images man! The first one reminds me of a pentagram, love it... but not like in a devil worship way.

Andrew Pritchard said...

Hahah, thanks Paul!