Saturday, August 14, 2010

Perseids Fail

Was busy until almost 3 AM last night believe it or not, so I only had a couple hours to catch the Perseids on their peak night before the sun would come up. Pretty big let down of a show. I saw a decent amount of meteors, but nothing at all spectacular. Perhaps my sights are set too high, but with the amount of night photography I regularly take part in I see my fair share of meteors, so on a night like this I expect some fun. I only captured a few meteors in the camera frame, and again, none were all that great. Then right on cue at 4 AM just like the night before a line of clouds moved in cutting my show short.

Here's a star trail image without a single meteor before and during the clouds moving into the frame forcing me to change angles. The image at the bottom is a plane, not a meteor.

Heading to Wisconsin first thing tomorrow morning. A cold front is moving thru so humidity levels will be cut way down, which should lead to much better optics for star gazing. Meteors I can't promise, but I'm hoping to get at least another good dose of star photography in over the weekend.

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Dann Cianca said...

Well, I think the clouds make it a cool picture anyway!