Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wisconsin Star Trails

Back from a lovely four days up north at the lake cottage. Complete wtih a couple perfect nights for star trails, and a few bonuses! Included in the bonus were being buzzed by both a Stealth Bomber (can't remember ever actually seeing one of those in flight before) and a bald eagle! Also managed to find a really nice road bike that used to be owned by my grandpa decades ago that I've swiped to replace my crappy current bike for biking around town while the weather is still nice. I remembered as a kid seeing it tucked away in the garage but just thinking it was another piece of junk tucked away back there. However, now that my current bike is in shambles, it suddenly dawned on me to check for that thing and as luck would have it the thing was still there! In amazing condition too, so it's stood the test of time. A couple new tires, and a good wash and we'll be cruising in style again!

Anyway - the photos. I got about midway through the first big exposure over the lake and this time, no, not clouds, but a family coming down to fish complete with three flash lights setting up right on the beach where I was shooting. I about got pissed and stopped, interrupted for a 4th time in a row but decided to forget it and just continue with the shot and hope for the best. Turned out that it did work out, and is actually probably one of my favorite star trail images yet.

Second shot, I panned a little south a bit more towards the beach where the family was fishing. I don't love the shot as much as I hoped when shooting it, but it's a keeper too I suppose, and an overall great night of shooting. Could not have asked for better weather - temperatures in the 60s and perfectly clear skies. Getting a little excited for fall after this break from the 90s.

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