Thursday, August 5, 2010

DVD Production...

It has begun.

I have really high hopes for the 2010 edition of my PWX 20XX DVD series. While I was unable to get away from home as much as some and didn't bag as many epic tornadoes as I sure wish I had in 2010, I still managed probably my top overall year as far as documenting a huge variety of all things extreme and beautiful in weather, in all desired formats; time lapse videography, intense storm chasing footage and of course still photography.

This year's production will be a bit different than year's past, but I think it should go over pretty well with those of you familiar with my productions. I'm really excited to sink my teeth in and get going. By getting started early I'm hoping to avoid releasing the DVD after Christmas as I usually do. Hoping to get things more or less ready to send out sometime early in the fall. Probably aim to get most of it done some time in September so I can just sit on it for a few and make sure nothing crazy happens in the fall months and then send it on out.

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