Sunday, August 29, 2010

DVD Production...

I just finished watching the completed version of my 2010 DVD. It wound up being a bigger production than I planned. What started out as a simple 2010 highlights DVD ended up being more of a 2010 highlights dvd + my favorites since 2007. Perhaps it was the insane year that I didn't really get to tap into, but it felt very empty with only my 2010 chases so I figured what the hell, and started editing some more and here we are. Included in that is the usual photography slide show, and a new segment played off the page on my main website called "WX in motion" featuring my favorite time lapse segments set to music.

The DVD definitely has a different feel than anything else I've produced, but I think those that enjoyed my past projects should still like this one. It's definitely a lot more artsy fartsy with a ton of time lapsing involved.

I plan to sit on it for a tiny bit to make sure no surprise events are going to jump on us, but I'll probably get impatient and throw the order information up shortly. looking at $20 per copy right now, but trades from other chasers are my favorite way to go. I don't make these guys to get rich (and couldn't if I tried), but because I just love playing with video and creating these guys for my own personal enjoyment (when I feel like reliving a chase, it's much easier to throw in my own DVD than dig through tapes!) and to get something to trade with other chasers out there because there's no better way to spend the day when it's snowing sideways outside than watching a buddy's chase DVD.

Unrelated to the DVD, check out this link I stumbled upon this evening.

It's a time lapse of the discovery of every asteroid from 1980-2010. Pretty incredible once it get's going.

Weather wise, nothing much to discuss. It's warm and humid again. Looks like storms off and on Wednesday and Thursday but not convinced of any severe weather in the area. Not like I have time with a new semester in full swing now, but some lightning out the bedroom window would be something I wouldn't argue against.

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