Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard aftermath

Well, it's hard to give detailed photographic aftermath photos simply because it's impossible to gauge scale when it comes to drift height. I thought about sticking Tia out in some drifts, but thought better of myself and didn't ask. As much as she hates snowflakes in her eyeballs, I can't imagine she'd love snow up her pants. For hating winter so much, she and I made an awesome team digging out the driveway from waist and shoulder high drifts. I've never had to dig out from a snow of this magnitude, and it gave me an entirely new appreciation for my friends up north. It's a very helpless "where do you even start" feeling when you are standing in the middle of snow up to your waist, and it's all you can see around you. Okay shovel here, now where do you PUT it? Either way, we survived. After an exhausting exciting day yesterday watching the storm, and exhausting annoying day digging out today, I'm looking forward to doing -nothing- tomorrow. Northern Illinois University has already shut down for tomorrow as well, as temperatures will be dipping down to around -20F and they still need another day to finish digging out. I hope they pay those guys well, because it would take a lot to get me working in -20F air. I didn't sleep a lot yesterday so I wasn't dying to shovel out the drive today, but knew it wouldn't even be an option doing it tomorrow.

Anyway - I did take a quick walk around the neighborhood this morning to try and catch some of the aftermath. There wasn't a ton to shoot though... everything is pretty much just white.

This is looking out our unused door in the kitchen. I like the door indentations.

Back door.
This is our front porch / yard. Hard to give a sense of scale, but that ridge in the middle is probably waist or chest high. I had to guess where the steps were from the porch since it was drifted over, and guessed horribly wrong. Note my "step step SLIIIIDE" foot prints in the snow coming down.
Tia's car in the drive completely drifted in.

Found this unfortunate guy on my walk around the neighborhood.
Looking out the back door. My car may be brighter than the sun, but unfortunately it does not share it's warming properties.

No outdoor dinners in the backyard anytime soon. Darn, that's something I'm starting to miss doing right about now. Okay snow, hurry up and melt and let's start talking temperatures in the 60s again.

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