Sunday, February 6, 2011

Overlooked photos, day 4 - NIckerson, KS

Today's overlooked photo comes from the April 24 2007 Nickerson, Kansas tornadic supercell. Not known for the brief tornadic circulations (or the fight to the death about the actual number of separate tornadoes that myself and others pointlessly took part in) but for its beautiful structure.

I shared this chase with Skip Talbot and Chad Cowan. The day ended up being a high risk day in south Texas, far away from where this supercell actually occurred. It was a highly anticipated day that had us leaving the state of Illinois around 10 PM the night before. It ended up being a last minute scramble on my end that had me getting out of work early that night, running home, showering and getting everything together before Skip and Chad picked me up at home in Urbana. We were treated to watching the Protection, KS supercell continue on radar for hours after dark while we made our way southwest.

The forecast synoptic setup ended up getting scrambled by early morning thunderstorms like a magician putting a ball under a cup and swapping the cups around frantically and then subsequently having you guess where the ball finally came to rest. The ball of course in this case was our favored location for severe weather development. We spent the better part of the day in Enid, OK before realizing that the only hope was further north along the dryline in central Kansas. Thanks to some swift driving by Chad, we emerged to find the supercell in the middle of it's first tornado.

The tornadoes this day however, paled in comparison to the structure of the supercell on a whole:

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Dann Cianca said...

Great shot, man... fantastic structure.